Who Is Jay Adams?


Tiffany Smith, Staff Writer

In November Homewood elected Jay Adams as President of the Student Government. I decided to sit down and interview Jay so that we can all learn about his back story, what motivated him to run for President and his vision for Homewood.


When did you first come to Homewood?  I started at Homewood  my junior year, 2020. I started as an online student during the pandemic, this is my first year in person.


What was your first impression of the school? The first thing I noticed about Homewood was how small the building is. When I went on a tour I was surprised how short it was and I was the only student in a few of my classes. I’ve found it helpful to be able to work at my own pace and ask questions without feeling like I’m holding the other students back.


Prior to coming here did you attend another school in the county, or did your family recently move here? I come from Maryland and originally went to River Hill high school. 


How old are you? I’m 17 and my birthday is March 25th. I’ll be 18 this year!


What has your experience been like at Homewood so far? It has been the most influential and easiest two years of high school ever! My grades are better than they have ever been and I’ve formed connections with the students and staff. I look forward to attending school every day and get a bit sad whenever I can’t.


What do you like most about being at this school? I think my favorite part is being able to be a part of my education and that I matter! People actually ask me how I’m doing and notice how I’m feeling. 


What do you not like and wish to change? I feel like there is a lack of participation in clubs and activities. I wish there was a way to get students more interested and involved in various events.


What made you want to run for president? I wanted to be involved within Homewood as a whole. I wanted my peers to feel heard and if I won, I could build up a good reputation for this school. Before I came to Homewood I wished that I had someone that could be my voice and when I found out that I could share my experiences with the Board of Education, I wanted to take advantage of that opportunity. 


What do you hope to accomplish while being in office? My term is coming to a close as I graduate in 10 or so weeks. I really hope that people think I have made a difference so far within the school as far as smooth sailing and community. I plan to keep on fundraising and trying to be a voice for people who need me. 


Outside of school, what do you like to do for fun? I love to read books, write my own stories, doodle and draw, go hiking and camping, and play the bass guitar. 


What are you planning to do after you graduate? I’m going to finish community college and get an AA degree in liberal arts and then I’m going to a 4 year university. Next I plan to get a Ph.D in art therapy and move to Finland. 


What is your family life like?  I live at home currently. I have my own schedule and go back and forth between my parent’s houses when I want to. I have three pets which all live at my dad’s house: a dog named Kobe, a cat named Gingerbread, and a snake called Zira.


What classes are you taking this year? I’m only taking four classes: advanced physical science, art, english and algebra. 


Is there anything else that you would like students and staff to know about you?  I have very high hopes for the students coming through Homewood and wish them all the best. I hope they find the success they are looking for.