My Dream Job


Aiden Chadwick, Staff Writer

My dream job is to be a geologist and study rocks. If I can’t be a geologist, though, I would work for a museum, preferably in the geology area. I really like working with rocks and I loved learning about them since I was very young.


The reason I like studying rocks is because they hold a special place in my heart. I also like crystals, which are very cool in many colors. My favorite rock would probably be obsidian. My favorite mineral would be Cobalt because it’s blue, which is my favorite color. My favorite gem depends on the aspect that we’re talking about. In real life, my favorite gem would be the sapphire, but in a game I like to play called Breath of the Wild, it would be topaz due to its electric elemental properties (I like electricity a lot; I’m probably obsessed with it).


But anyway, all I want is to simply work with rocks and minerals, study them, maybe even do a little gold digging. Who knows? I may even strike it rich.