Door Decorating Contest At Homewood


This year Homewood had a festive door decorating contest with creative doors decorated by students and faculty alike.

Forty people  voted for our door decoration contest winners!! All the doors were incredible, but the WINNERS in each category were…..
Most Creative: Teneara Jackson (42.5% of the votes), Close 2nd = Suresh
Most Artistic: Ellen Johnson (35% of the votes), Close 2nd = Ms. Hernandez 
Most Inclusive: Anne Long (52% of the votes), Close 2nd = GHS Social Studies 
*Fun fact: Mr. Latta came in 3rd place in all three categories. 🙂
  • The following students who participated  each earned an additional $25 toward the Recycled Treasure Sale: Eric O’NealFianna McNaryAri ChurchwellNate PendeltonChloe ThompsonShadow Verratti, AJ Johnson, Aaliyah Robertson, Ashlee Gilliam, Chris Shaw, Ben Almaraz, Jordan Hunt, Bre Gregory