The Great Gift Of Love


Aiden Chadwick, Writer

Hello! For this report, I have something great to talk about: I got a new cat! But not just a cat, I got a kitten! Her name is Jasmine and my gosh is she TINY! She is a black short hair kitty with white paws, a white belly, and even white under her chin. She’s really playful too! Our other boy kitty, Domino, loves playing with her. He’s like a father to Jasmine. She is cute, but most importantly, she’s very dear to our hearts.

During this COVID 19 pandemic, it has not been as bad as I thought.  I have spent most of my time playing online games with my friends – like Minecraft.  Having a kitten during this time can really make time go by quickly.  Having a new kitten helps to soothe some of the stress related to the pandemic, but at the same time, can cause mischief in the house. During these hard times, sometimes its not as bad as you think, especially when there’s a cute new friend with us.