Ode To The Pandemic

Ode To The Pandemic

Aiden Chadwick, Staff Writer

Last year when COVID 19 hit the US and closed schools and almost everything else, some students wrote a reflection of what they were experiencing at the time.  Here is a poem by Aiden Chadwick expressing his feelings about the pandemic and what it meant to him and some of his observations at the time.


My Ode to the Pandemic

A short poem

by Aiden Chadwick


Once, on Earth,

there was a boy.

This boy felt right at home,

being at home.


This feeling was astounding,

truly astounding.

Such a feeling was,

in fact, due to a disease.


This disease, known as a virus,

was called the Coronavirus.

Such a disease was to be deadly.

Deadly to the human race, of course.


It might’ve been known to be

very deadly to man.

So deadly, as to kill hundreds of thousands

of lives, but only old-aged lives.


These deaths are but painful to the world,

bringing sadness to the people.

It is such a terrible terror that said virus,

of a spherical shape, should take all these lives.