Phoenix Focus: Aniyah Shields


Anne Reis, Advisor


In this edition of the Rising Phoenix  we are focusing on Homewood Senior, Aniyah Shields.  Sometimes there are stars around us but we don’t know how much they sparkle.  Aniyah is one of those stars.  She is a very busy 18 year old senior at Homewood.  

    Aniyah has a job, runs track, is getting certifications, and is taking classes at the community college!  She has a very full plate and she likes it that way.  According to Aniyah, to succeed you have to have a backup plan to your backup plan.  She is a young woman who definitely understands the importance of a side-hustle.  

   Aniyah isn’t only a student at Homewood.  She also works at the  Shake Shack at the Columbia Mall, which helps her bring in some extra cash and improve her communication skills. 

Her home school is Reservoir High, where she is a star of the track team.  Aniyah runs  55 meter hurdles and 4X2 relay.  She is also a high jumper.  Her personal PR is 9 seconds for the the 55.   

As if it isn’t enough to work a job, run track and go to Homewood, Aniyah also attends HCC where she is about to become certified in nursing.  She is a member of the dual enrollment program at HCC and is gaining early college credits.  

     Just last weekend, Aniyah literally “ran” from her track meet to the Supreme Sports Club to attend a babysitting workshop which will give her  certification to work as a babysitter.  Aniyah says her goal in life  is to have multiple plans in place so that if one thing doesn’t work, she can fall back on another.  She is one class away from having her babysitting certification!  Aniyah’s ultimate goal is to finish HCC and then go onto college to get a degree in physical therapy.

Aniyah Shields hustles to get it done!!! Her hobbies are doing lashes, painting, drawing and she told me that she even READS sometimes! Yeay!!!  One thing she always does to help her clear her thoughts is to go running.

Big update to this article!!! Just this morning, in the Media Center, Aniyah checked her email and saw that she was accepted to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Campus! CONGRATULATIONS ANIYAH!!!  All of your hard work has paid off and you are going places.  We are so proud of you!!!

If Aniyah could give Homewood one piece of advice or tell students one thing that she thinks is important it would be to remember…

                  A Broken Crayon Still Colors!!!

Homewood is very  proud of Aniyah Shields!!!