Covid19 Can’t Stop Homewood’s Treasure Sale!


Tiffany Smith, Staff Writer


For the past 17 years Homewood has hosted the annual recycled treasure sale the week before holiday break. The recycled treasure sale has always been a giant holiday shopping opportunity for students at school, in which the staff and community collect and organize new and lightly used items. The recycled treasure sale has had everything from home goods, electronics, cosmetics, dolls, toys, stuffed animals, and more! Traditionally, students earn (fake) money based on their grades, which determine how much stuff they can purchase. Everything is set up in a central location in the school, and students have designated shopping times throughout the day. As a student who has been at Homewood for 6 years now, I have always loved the recycled treasure sale, and look forward to it every year! 

Even with COVID-19 Homewood has still found a way to keep the treasure sale going, and make sure that students are able to get gifts for their friends, and family– though things will be done very differently this year to ensure everyone’s safety. To make sure that everyone knows the plan for how the Homewood treasure sale will work this year, I’ve interviewed Mrs. Young who is one of the major organizers of the event.


“When is the recycled treasure sale scheduled for this year?”

“Due to the surge in Covid19, and since our building is closed, we will have small groups of staff members shop for students on December 9th and 16th.  Students have hopefully filled out a wish list through the treasure sale Google form, which will help Homewood staff shoppers make their choices.  Shoppers will also talk to students over the phone while at the treasure sale to find out what items the students want.  After the staff have shopped for their students they will  deliver the presents to their houses.”


“What types of things will students be able to buy at the recycled treasure sale?”

“This year all of the items are from Amazon. There is everything from bicycles, scooters, tents, playhouses, sports balls, games, markers, clothes, lotions, jewelry, home goods, bed sets, lots of toys, a remote control robot, and much more! Mrs. McMurtray created the Amazon wish list and used her networking skills to get people to donate money to allow us to purchase all of these things.” 


“How is the school going to ensure that the staff volunteering with the treasure sale do not contract COVID?”


“We are only going to have 5-6 staff members work the treasure sale for each of the shopping days. We will be staying 6ft apart in the cafeteria, where all the items are located. We will also be wearing masks and using hand sanitizer.”


“How will the system for earning points towards shopping work this year?”


“We do not have a point system this year. We will use the Google form for students to register, and want to make sure that students are able to get at least one item for every person they are shopping for. 


“Is there any other important information students should know about the recycled treasure sale this year?”

“Our goal is to make sure that every student gets at least ten items. We want to make sure that all of our students have the best holiday they possibly can.”