Rainbow Youth Club Meeting


Sophia Delgado, writer

The Rainbow Youth Advocates at Homewood, a club of lively students at the Homewood Center is a safe place for students of the LGBTQ+ community. Having safe spaces in schools for LGBTQ+ youth is too important to let slide. The 2018 LGBTQ+ Youth Report by the Human Rights Campaign says, only 5% of students  say all their staff and teachers are supportive, and only 26% say they always feel safe in their schools and classrooms. However, the students and staff at the Homewood Center are not going to be just another statistic.

The Rainbow Youth Advocates meeting took place in the media center during 3rd period. The meeting was bursting to the seams with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Students from both Gateway and Bridges came together for the Rainbow Youth club. The aura was electric when entering the room. The energy seemed to bounce off the walls. Immediately, there was a sense of inclusion as everyone went around the room saying their name, pronouns of choice, and sexual orientation. There was lots of discussion and debate about how the club should run in terms of logistics and dynamics. However, it was made clear what the members wanted to get out of the club. They demanded a safe learning space, a place where school discrimination can be called out, and of course a fun and enjoyable place for the members to connect.

After sitting in on the meeting it was evident that there is a need for this club.  Another member spoke up about the environment for LGBTQ+ people here at Homewood and how there has been bullying. This is not acceptable. This was a genuine and valid problem so this club, is important. Kacie, a student here at Homewood, says “my friends are having issues with LGBT slurs and I don’t think that’s okay.” Max ,when asked why Homewood needs this club, mentioned it’s “because of a lot of homophobia that goes on especially towards some of our students, and to provide a safe space through this comforting environment.” It’s very evident that people are feeling the heat of ignorance at Homewood. 

In a world where being who you truly are and loving who you genuinely love can be even dangerous, schools have to provide spaces where people are able to take a breath. Homewood needs this club and all the students who took the initial step of joining are making a difference. Staff and students are now beginning  to create dialogue and change, all led by the amazing students Homewood is proud to have.