Homewood Student Of The Month


Chrissy Thomas, Staff Writer

At Homewood the success of students is always the number one priority. The goal is for students to have a safe and brave space to do better and have a good environment for learning, which will lead students to graduate and not only succeed, but encourage students to overachieve and reach higher and rise above any struggles and challenges. At Homewood, recognition is a really big thing as well, and here at Homewood we have “Students Of The Month” as well as “Writer Of The Week,” which has also recently been added. These accolades are not meant to pit students against each other, or make this a competition, it is just a well needed appreciation to a student for being an all-star. To some this may be childish, but this pushes students to do their best. The hard work can always use some positive publicity, and reward prudence and dedication. To become Student Of The Month at Homewood, you have to be yourself, have a good work ethic, show up, communicate, participate and be kind to others and the school environment while remaining engaged and safe. 

To become Writer Of The Week, you can have a piece of work from any subject that shows off great writing ability, showcasing uniqueness, great wording, a well put together piece of work, whether that be a poem, an essay or a self formed quote. 


These titles don’t put students above or below one another, that’s not what Homewood is for. It is to add brightness and a smile to a hard working student’s face, which is everything, and more than any staff member could ask for.