What Art Means To Me


Aiden Chadwick, Staff Writer

My art class at Homewood has helped me become a better artist. My teacher’s name is Ms. Hunter and she is a great teacher!


When I was young, I wasn’t very interested in art, but as I have gotten older and more mature, I am really passionate about art. I have lots of ideas for my artwork, but for a picture of mine to be perfect it takes special circumstances. One of those factors that has made my artwork perfect is that I have been able to be a student at Homewood. Being at Homewood has taught me a lot, from how to finalize reports to giving the world something they need to see. If I had a purpose in life, what would it be? It would be making art that means the most to my audience. Something appealing, something fantastic. No…something glorious. And that is why I make art.

I like abstract art. Abstract art is artwork that has no realistic reference and has variety in colors and/or shapes. Abstract art is very dear to my heart. And that is what I have to give… my heart.