Homewood’s Dream Team


Trish Armor, Advisor

We are Student Support! 

The student support team here at the Homewood school rocks! This picture reflects so many differences, but so many similarities and that’s what makes us great!   We come from different backgrounds, have different personalities, and often different perspectives and ideas.   These differences result in a variety of skills and characteristics allowing the team to better serve the students at Homewood. 

At the same time, the similarities of this student support team lead to connection and collaboration.   When it comes to our students and school as a whole, we share common goals and common values.  We are dedicated to making Homewood a place where students know they are welcome, respected, heard, and encouraged to grow.  Similarly, the behavior support group believes in the importance of supporting the staff, as they are the key to a great school.   As a student support team, we don’t simply operate as colleagues, but as partners, and as partners we run a pretty good show!