An Interview with Dre Campbell


Abigail Freeman, writer

Last week The Rising Phoenix sat down with new acting president of Gateway High,  Dre Campbell to get to know him a little better. After a heartfelt debate  the whole school wants to know what he has in mind for this school year. Here are his replies

Can you tell me what Homewood means to you

Homewood means to be unique. I don’t know exactly how to explain it but kids here are different from kids from other schools. If you come here you  are like a planted seed. You can see we are destined to be great. But most of us are just misunderstood

What are your best and worst experiences at Homewood?

Best experiences:  getting to know the staff and students. Having a change of pace. Having staff and students as actual supports who look out for you.

Worst experiences:  I don’t really have any bad experiences at Homewood. Maybe seeing the fights is probably the worst that’s ever got to me.

How has Homewood helped you that other schools have not?

The thing that was mostly helpful is probably transportation and the one-on-one help from teachers

What can students do to improve their time at Homewood?

Definitely make the best of it. Take advantage of everything. Every resource everything that’s here just take advantage.

What are some things you want to change as SGA president? 

The biggest thing I want to change here,  and the main reason I became President,  is  because I want to see the face of Homewood change. I wanna see what people see has changed. Cause right now people see us as the school for bad kids. The school for kids who can’t learn self control. And I want to change that cause that’s not at all Homewood.   Don’t get me wrong we got our moments, but Homewood like I said before, is full of kids who are unique. Who are… I don’t know the correct terminology for it but like These studentS their waiting to shine.  Sometimes they just can’t see that they just need that little push.

What are some positive things outside of Homewood you do for fun?

I don’t really do too much outside of school. I’m a family person so Im always with my siblings,  my younger siblings with my mother helping… her out and stuff like that.  When I do have time to have fun I’m at the mall with my one other friend.

Do you have a job?

I do not.

What are you doing after Homewood?

I’ve already been accepted to HCC, so I’ll be going to HCC for two years.  Then I’ll be transferring over to Duke University or Coast of Carolina to pursue a major in medicine.

If you could say a final word about  Homewood what would it be?

We are Homewood.  Y’all gonna hear about us!  Remember our students,  remember our names, remember the students who came here. When y’all hear about the Homewood school, y’all minds gonna be changed.  Y’all minds gonna be wild. That’s a Homewood kid instead of…yeah that’s a Homewood kid or yeah he fought, or he’s a bad kid. He’s a good kid! That’s what your mindsets gonna be. Just watch!