Making Homewood Better With Art


Leanne Baniqued

Wouldn’t Homewood be a much better place if the environment around us was more positive? Art would be a good way to create that positive change through encouraging quotes and pictures decorated on the walls. This can be a big future project for students and staff that is supposed to bring good vibes to the school. Everyone is welcome to participate. If the environment that surrounds us is filled with mostly good things, when we walk into the room, seeing all these nice words on the wall or at least being aware of them, I am hoping we would all feel better. Acknowledging that the school is a positivity zone, will increase the good energy as we walk into school everyday. At my old school, Reservoir, we did an art mural on the wall, where students came together, and got to paint anything on the walls. Some people painted symbols such as their zodiac sign, an infinity sign, and you can even paint a peace sign to show harmony. You can draw anything that is supposed to lift us up. This inspired my idea to decorate Homewood’s walls to encourage unity. You can add encouraging quotes too such as, “Live, love, laugh.” You can add more quotes to the school that can be inspirational, motivational, and positive. A good spot that would be visible for students are on the school walls by the cafeteria. This is where most students pass, walking to their classrooms.